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  • Teeth Whitening Strips
Teeth Whitening Strips
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Our Teeth Whitening Strips are made from our amazing PAP+ Formula and easy to apply! 

The box comes with 14 upper and lower strips, the perfect two week course to whiter teeth! 

More Information
Our amazing PAP+ Formula is a non peroxide gel that removes stains without pain or sensitivity you find from peroxide products.
How To Use
Remove one strip from foil.
Apply evenly to the upper arch, covering all visible teeth.
Repeat process for lowers.
Wear for 30 minutes, everyday for two weeks!
PAP+ Formula
Formulated by Dentists.

PAP + gel also known as phthalimido-peroxy-hexanoic acid is a non-toxic, hydrogen peroxide-free whitening agent proven to whiten teeth. PAP also has anti-plaque and long lasting anti-bacterial benefits. This is a great alternative for those who do not wish to use dental peroxide whitening.

Product FAQs

Clinically Tested
Manufactured in the UK
Eco Friendly

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